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January 10, 2019

I take notes in nano and I post what I think is worth reproducing here. Mostly names and words. Names and words. Names and words. “We never even said a word…we just walked out and got on that bike and we rolled…” I have to remember to read through my Kindle highlights.

    - People -
    • Aaron Swartz - "was an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, writer, political organizer, and Internet hacktivist. He was involved in the development of the web feed format RSS and the Markdown publishing format, the organization Creative Commons, and the website framework, and was a co-founder of the social news site Reddit.""
    • Andrew Auernheimer - "best known by his pseudonym weev, is an American computer grey hat hacker affiliated with the alt-right. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes him as "a neo-Nazi white supremacist" known for "extremely violent rhetoric advocating genocide of non-whites"

January 09, 2019

The massive 18-wheelers heading westbound veer onto the super highway with no soul behind the wheel. Sure, there's a driver's seat but that was for then not now. The curved 7 inch monitors sputter on as the speedometer hits 50. The wind does all it can to fight but the steel and motors make quick work of that life. O God, so beautiful is the sight. This used to be about America. Now I am not so sure. What is America but not a multitude of software?

    - People -
    • Gary Booch - American Software Engineer (U.S. Air Force); gave good talk on war and computers
    • Leon Uris - America author of histroical fiction
    • Father Devine - black preacher during Great Depression

January 02, 2019

During World War II there was a program called Civilian Public Service (CPS) that helped those that did not want to fight do work of “national importance”. This has lead me to memex the WPA and the New Deal and all that jazz. The Net (1995) let us know that we live in world of data. Data flowing between software, dancing endlessly.

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    • taxonomy
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    • Vannevar Bush - "Madison Avenue believes", he said, "that if you tell the public something absurd, but do it enough times, the public will ultimately register it in its stock of accepted verities"

December 28, 2018

Today is my birthday. I am 31 years old. Memory moves in one direction, time in another.

December 23, 2018

Need to check DNS records for routing without www subdomain; appears to be an issue on mobile Chrome. Must remember to say “sunk cost” and not “sunken cost” since sunken cost is not a thing. Why are we in Syria? As I get older I become less of an ardent hawk. I do not understand why Americans are wasting their lives in a fight for a land and people that do not share our ideals. Sure, there are valid policy concerns. Namely that we are ceding some authority to Russia or Iran or whomever. Russia has naval bases in Syria and Iran sees the fall of that state as a blow to its ideology. What ultimately does the United States get out of staying in that country fighting alongside “moderate” forces? You’ll hear a lot about the broader picture of the Middle East and the huge failure of leadership we are exhibiting. I disagree. All of this just reminds me of our foreign policy blunders of the past. It’s strange to see doves suddenly become hawks when the man in the Oval Office offends every notion of decency they have. I’m sure Trump’s decision was based on a short sighted view of the outcome, but that does not make it wrong. The United States should be turning its attention wholeheartedly to Asia and South America. We have enough problems in those regions.

Before this place was real people called it the Metaverse, the Oasis, and later the Matrix. Whatever it's been called -- this is where I meet Grant. Hiram Ulysses Grant, 18th President of the United States; true savior of the Union. His spirit has been code conjured here using all the data the cloud has on him; his letters, his speeches; contemporary news articles. Did we really know him? I am not so sure. Yet here he stands in the vastness of the electron and the switch always ready to squawk what we've remembered him to squawk. Powered by generational memory, for loops, and if statements. God Bless him, true savior of the Union! I know him. I code conjured him via so many git commits, rebases, conflicts, coffees, jolts, and strange techno music masquerading as social commentary. He has been born into the future.

December 10, 2018

Now using System76’s Pop_OS as my main distro. I find that I leap around plenty when it comes to Operating Systems. Back in the day it was merely macOS (Mac OS 9 or OS X as it was known then).

Going to New York City (otherwise known as “home”) tomorrow. Looking forward to a change of pace and a place to think and reflect…without weed!

Fennesz’s Venice’s and Stephenson’s Snow Crash make one wonder what is so scary and vast in that electric night when the HD images of waterfalls merge with the neon green of a complex grid so unfathomable as to make you wipe your nose and close your eyes and dream of another world far beyond the one you know. It is in this dream of distorted noises and deep resentments that the mind reverberates its madding thoughts so that it all just returns the same. There’s the net - vast again as it always was. Swollen (turgid) with information. It can melt your eyes, son; fry your brain! It will make you seem so small in a tiny room and around you grows (like) an unthinkable crop to the far reaches of the light.

December 09, 2019

Must be more coherent in defending positions / discussing topics I feel strongly about. A good example is Amusing Ourselves to Death: understand the thesis better in order to persuade those who have not read it (nor will). Think Local, Act Local - good motto. People like a good motto. What does it mean to “Think Local, Act Local”? I think people often assume this means to disregard national “news” or whatever. I’m fairly sure the average citizen (I don’t care for non U.S. citizens in this context since they have no stake) does not know the names of (or much else about) their current Representative or Senators. I am guilty of this transgression. And, yes, it should be thought of as a transgression. I am writing this as I sit on the floor of a darkened hotel room in San Francisco. I am 30 years old, but feel 100.

Anyway (as Holden would say), the motto actually means be informed about what directly relates to you while being mindful of the broader picture. How do the small pieces fit into the larger ones? Live-Streaming Your Broke Self for Rent Money makes me angry and sad. Why? It speaks to the disconnected future before us. Things are “boring” now, jobs worthless in order to live. Yet, flying to L.A. by way of Brooklyn is seemingly a nonissue, and uprooting from Texas to New York too is not much of a hurdle. I think the New York Times is in the wrong to highlight this young man. In fact, I wish I had never known of him. It reinforces this degenerate social behavior, which has become his trade. I doubt this “young” man (25) could recall anything historically beyond his years. This makes me an “old” man in a derogatory sense. I’m only five years his senior! who am I to judge? I know nothing of his life beyond what I have just read in the article, which offers up more or less tidbits of mindless facts. I don’t know what drives him forward besides money. The sum of his life is he’s large family, dead grandmother, and struggles with manic depression. He smokes weed. He amuses. He entertains. Our (the people, the vox populi) endless appetite for amusement is insatiable.

I seek to prioritize the lives of American citizens (of any creed) over those of non. I’m sure this would make me a bigot even though I believe that the United States is the world’s nation.

The last time I actively kept a journal was when I lived alone in a studio apartment – wait, this is a lie. The last time I tried to keep a journal was when I first met Anna (my wife, my beloved) in an effort to keep sane. Those were turbulent times. Back in Chicago, the studio apartment was cold and I slept on a used mattress on a carpeted floor. I’d watch The King of Queens on DVD every night and eat spaghetti. I’d read and write down words I did not know. I’d kill cockroaches as they came to greet me on my Lazyboy’s armrest. My cat Rusty died back home in Brooklyn when I lived in that studio. I remember my tears and slamming the small kitchenette’s cabinets because I felt so helpless and alone. I would stare out the window at night bundled in sweatshirts and my winter hat and I’d pray to God to let Rusty live until I could see him again. I’d feel so awful for my selfish prayer because I knew Americans were dying in wars and so many other untold horrors were ensnaring vulnerable lives. Surely I should have been praying for them, but I loved my cat. This was almost 10 years ago - 2009.

    - Words -
    • cupidity (cue-pid-a-tea) - greed for money or possessions
    - People -
    • Pramila Jayapal, U.S. Rep (Washington's 7th Congressional District)

December 08, 2018

“Inform and entertain” is the creed of The March of Time it wasn’t a documentary nor a newsreel. It was something other.

What is documentary anyway? Worth a revisit of things I was shown in college. There was a “documentary” critical (maybe more didactic about the form itself) which showed a bus driving by. Please try to find out what that film was.

Today we are in San Francisco headed to Napa Valley soon to have wine with rich people.

Are Anna and I rich?

    - Words -
    • officious (oh-fish-us) - "assertive of authority in an annoyingly domineering way, especially with regard to petty or trivial matters."
    - People -
    • Sharwood Anderson
    • Carl Van Vechten